Amazing Man Stays Up Until 4am Everyday To Check Diabetic Fiancee’s Blood Sugar

Look in the dictionary for the definition of “devoted” and you might just find a picture of Pensacola, Fla.’s Kylle Cota.

That’s because Mr. Cota has been making waves across the Internet after posting a short video on Facebook that shows his nightly routine: staying up until 4 a.m. every morning to check the blood sugar levels of his girlfriend, Kortney Reid, who has diabetes.


The video, which was posted on December 26 last year, has gotten more than a million views.



It’s a sweet way of remembering that there are plenty of ways — big and small — to show our love and devotion for someone that aren’t necessarily “romantic.” In a relationship, the little things are what will hold you together. Kylle and Kortney are off to a pretty great start.

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