The Ab Exercises That Will Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level 0

Ever wonder how people manage to lift one leg up in downward-facing dog and then step forward into a low lunge —without taking two or three or ten steps forward or landing with an echoing thud? Here are some secrets that will help you smoothly and silently pull off

​8 Energizing Yoga Moves You Can Do in Bed 0

Starting your morning with yoga is a powerful way to connect to your breath and set a peaceful, grounded tone for what will follow in the hours ahead. Doing these eight energizing poses as soon as you open your eyes is a softer, easier way to fully wake up.

How One Woman Lost Nearly 100 Lbs by Making Weight Loss Fun 0

Before: 232 lbs After: 137 lbsKacey Lauchnor, 25, grew up in a family with suspect health habits. “If we ever ate a vegetable, it was covered in cheese,” says the graphic designer from Herriman, Utah. Her eating habits continued throughout college and after her wedding, and by 2012, 5’6″ Kacey

New Anti-Aging Gin Fights Wrinkles As You Get Drunk 0

LONDON — Gin is delicious. But, alas, not all delicious things are good for you. That could be about to change, as someone has developed a gin with purported anti-ageing properties. Aptly named Anti-AGin, the gin is distilled with ingestible collagen and “age-defying” botanicals. Collagen levels dwindle as we

How “Leptin” Affects Weight Loss In Women 0

  Controlling and regulating “leptin” in women is all the dieting rage these days. Recently, leptin has been discovered to directly affect appetite and metabolism in women. Today, we take a close look at this pesky hormone. What is leptin and how does it work? Leptin is a hormone

10 Killer Weight Loss Tips For Women In Their 30s! 0

Getting older is a wonderful experience. If you knew in your 20s what you’ve figured out in your 30s, you would have had a better time, right? This growth in understanding and personal fulfillment isn’t the only thing that happens in your 30s. With each year of adulthood, your

Why It Really Is Harder For Women To Lose Weight 0

You’re not imagining it: There really are differences between the way men and women diet, lose weight and respond to exercise. Some of the differences stem from biology; other differences are behavioral. But though many of these seem to give men a head start, they shouldn’t be taken to